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The S.O.S Boys Mystery Book Series

The S.O.S. Boys Mystery Book Series are fast-paced adventure stories starring fifteen-year-old friends, Rick, Greg, and Topher. The S.O.S. boys, along with Rick's Irish setter, Akron, and their alien robot dog, Markie, solve mysteries in and around the San Juan Islands of Washington. The FBI and Coast Guard named them, S.O.S. Boys, because the boys use Morse code to communicate with each other while solving mysteries and to protect the boys' identities.

Rick, Greg, and Topher are lifelong friends who live in Bellingham and Orcas Island with their families. After working many odd jobs for over two years, the boys combined their savings together to purchase a sixteen-foot boat with an outboard motor. They planned to use the boat to travel back and forth from Bellingham to Orcas Island and earn money crab fishing.

Mystery on Orcas Island

Mystery on Orcas Island is the first book in the series. In the story, the first of two mysteries occurs as soon as the boys board their boat and set a course for their parents’ cabins on Orcas Island. A mysterious creature quickly swam under the boat causing it to bounce around a lot on the water. Then, that night while toasting marshmallows, they see unexplained lights flashing across from their cove. What is it that swam under their boat? Who or what was flashing signals to them?

The second mystery unfolds while the boys are crab fishing. After witnessing two mysterious fishermen in the area, the boys thought something was not right. They followed their instincts and investigated the fishermen’s suspicious activities. The boys carefully gathered detailed information about the fishermen and what they were doing. Once they had enough intel, they shared it with their friend, Captain MacArthur of the Coast Guard.

Read how the boys solve the two mysteries while welcoming the newest member of their group --- who is literally out of this world! $10.98, 136 pages, paperback, (c) 2013.

Espionage at One Hundred Fathoms

While crab fishing in the waters of Puget Sound, the S.O.S. Boys find what they think is a pirate’s treasure in shallow water on the seafloor, but soon discover it is part of a bigger plot involving nuclear submarines and international spies.

Their investigation takes them to San Juan Island where they meet with the British Camp park ranger. There they learn that the rare gold coins they found are similar to those that were also discovered behind the attic door in the barracks building at British Camp 48 years ago. They were then advised to contact the reclusive Dr. Doubloon for help in learning additional information about these rare coins. After finishing their research on San Juan Island, they set a course in their small boat for their cabin on Orcas Island.

On their way back to Orcas Island, they contact Dr. Doubloon who is anxious to examine the coins and arrange a quick meeting, but the meeting is postponed due to an unexpected storm that rolls in. The rough seas cause their boat engine to fail and after a harrowing adventure on the seas, they become marooned on Keto Island. The island’s only habitants are a fifteen year old girl named Thisbe Woods and her uncle, Dr. Steve Seacrest. It is not long before the boys realize there is something mysterious going on with Thisbe’s uncle. $10.98, 136 pages, paperback, (c) 2014.

The Secret of the City of Gold

The S.O.S. Boys’ friend, Thisbe Woods’ parents had supposedly been killed in a landslide in Peru while on an archaeological dig to find the Lost City of Gold. However, Thisbe finds a clue that her parents may have sent her and now suspects that they may not have been killed as reported. She enlists the help of the S.O.S. Boys and their alien robot dog, Markie, and Irish setter, Aaron to help her find out what really may have happened to her parents.

Their search leads them to the mysterious Corrie Island in the Puget Sound. Read how they learn the link between the Inca Lost City of Gold and Corrie Island.

Mystery or Mischief

As Markie prepares his spaceship to return to the Markarian Galaxy, some unexplained events are beginning to occur in and around Orcas Island. The boys and Markie try to determine if it is related to the Russian scientist who is researching the local hydrothermal vents; or, are they due to an alien creature who has arrived on Orcas Island. Are the boys and the inhabitants in the area in danger from an alien? Read to find out if the alien is friend or foe and if Markie must return to the Markarian Galaxy.

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